When?: May 3rd @ 6:00 PM - May 5th @ 2:00 PM

Where?: Statewide! (Kickoff will be online via Facebook LIVE) All rivers and streams are fair game. No pond fishing, and no big lake fishing. All teams found in violation will be subject to disqualification from the event and will no longer be allowed to participate in future MTA Tournaments.

How?: Each trout that is caught throughout the tournament will have a photo taken with it on an MTA designated bump board. Photos will be sent to Michigan Trout Addicts on Facebook, or to phone number: 616-647-7293. SUBMIT ALL PHOTOS! You never know when a fish might count for something special! Every photo submitted will be acknowledged by MTA staff and running scores will be kept throughout the tournament with intermittent updates of leaderboards being placed on the Michigan Trout Addicts Facebook page to keep teams in the loop.

Teams: 1 or 2 person teams may register.


-Registration includes Free Bump Board & Call Cards to be used in the competition.

Payouts: The top 3 teams will receive custom MTA trophies produced by Mike Overla of North Branch Iron Works. Top Teams will also receive cash prizes! (How many teams place and how much money will be determined by the number of teams registered). On average, approximately $2000-$2500 is paid out to placing teams! 

Rules and Regulations: 

Top 3 trout (length) caught by each team will be scored. The sum of the lengths of these fish in inches will be the final score for the team. Brown, Rainbow, and Brook Trout all count. Exceptions: Rainbow trout over 18" will only be given a score of 18 points due to the number of steelhead in our rivers/streams at nearly all times of the year. All steelhead will be disqualified.  Brook trout will be given an additional 3 points at the time of scoring to offset size inequalities between them and the other species. Scoring will be as below.


Team A - 14.5" Brown Trout, 15.25" Brown Trout, 13.0" Brook Trout

       Team A Score: 14.5 + 15.25 + 13.0 (+3 brookie bonus) = 45.75 pts.

How To Win: The team with the highest overall score will win the tournament! There will be special recognition of the largest fish of each species and for catching the smallest fish in the tournament!

"This tournament is designed to allow sportsmen to get out in nature, and enjoy the outdoors with a little friendly competition included.  We all love trout, and we are addicted to fishing for them. It's the appreciation of the sport that unites us and this tournament is a reflection of how a simple passion can bring all kinds of people together. We as anglers have the responsibility to respect one another and our waters, and this group embodies that set of values in the truest of fashions."

-MTA Board Members