Tucker William Smith was born February 3rd, 2015. As Tuck grew, his parents noticed he was not developing as scheduled and had some concerns. Two weeks following Tucker’s first birthday, and many doctor’s visits, occupational, speech and physical therapies, and one genetic screening, they were informed that Tucker had a rare genetic disorder called Angelman Syndrome (AS). AS is a neurological condition that affects 1 in 15,000 (approximately 400,000 worldwide). It is caused by a defect on the maternal 15th chromosome.


  • Absence of speech
  • Anxiety
  • Severe motor disabilities
  • Sleep disorders
  • Epileptic seizures


  • Happy demeanor, characterized by frequent laughing, smiling and excitability,
  • Fascination with water

Tucker has been in physical and occupational therapies since he was 9 months old, and started speech therapy not long after that. He is incredibly tough though, and works so hard to do those things that others do so effortlessly. Tucker is one of the happiest little boys you will ever meet. He loves the water, his little brother (Charlie) and giving neck hugs. 

Tuck often has to undergo EEGs, which is a test that measure brainwaves and neuro activity, but he is a tenacious little man and doesn’t let it bring him down. He is backed by an army of people and if he could talk, would tell you how appreciative he is for all of the support he has been and will be given.