Collection: Endurance Tourney 2020


We have purposely excluded 2 months in the center of the season to minimize pressure on trout during this period of time. Trout are highly stressed during the summer months, and this tournament is designed to respect the trout that we all seek so intensely. 


May 5th- June 20, 2020 (Segment 1)

August 15th - September 26th (Segment 2)

(Photos from during The Opener and The Closer 2020 tournaments will not count toward this event)

Ten fish caught by each angler throughout the year will be judged by the board members of MTA, and an overall ANGLER OF THE YEAR will be crowned at the end of trout season 2020!

Where? Fish anywhere in Michigan throughout the 2020 Endurance Season to get your own "Top 10 Trout."

Details: Each angler involved in this tournament will have BOTH segments to participate. If you don't enter at the beginning of the season, NO SWEAT! Entry for anglers is open until the week before the tournament ends. However, late entries will only be able to count photos from after entry is complete to keep the tournament fair.

Call Cards with specific codes will be provided at the beginning of each segment to ensure that no photos were taken prior to the start of the tournament. Once a segment is complete, a new code will be released for the second segment. Anglers will take photos of each trout that they catch all season and they will submit to Michigan Trout Addicts by:

Facebook: Michigan Trout Addicts *message images*

Instagram: #Michigan_Trout_Addicts


Text: 231-690-7104

Scoring: Will be based on 3 categories. Each fish will be scored on a scale of 1-10 in each category to bring an angler's total potential score to 300 points possible. Each fish will have the capability of earning an angler 30 points. Categories are listed below:

Uniqueness: Spotting Pattern Peculiarity, Malformations, Scars (10 points)

Beauty: Color Patterns, Basic Appearance, Appeal to Judges (10 points)

Overall Quality: Size (no measurement needed), Girth, Rarity (10 points)

As you can see, this is not your standard tournament. And although the overall scoring is quantitative, it is subjective. The quality of the photo can severely impact the ability of judges to determine the appropriate score in each of these categories, so do your best to respect the health of each fish (as we encourage Catch and Release in most scenarios) and get a photo that will be easy to score. You do NOT need to measure the fish. We want to make sure that these fish return to the waters unscathed as often as possible. 

This tournament is designed to give ALL anglers an opportunity of claiming the title of ANGLER OF THE YEAR, by involving them in an event that covers the span of the entire 2020 season.  Think you have what it takes?

AWESOME DETAIL: All anglers entering this tournament are raising money to support the causes we feel so strongly about.  100% of all money generated by this tournament goes to the charitable causes MTA supports!!! SO THERE'S NO WAY OF LOSING.

Angler of The Year Coronation Includes:

1. "Angler of the Year" MTA TROPHY!

2. Photos and Title Featured on MTA website and Facebook Page

3. MTA Exclusive Patch  for "Angler of the Year 2020"